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By Terra Whiteman


Corvis Correll is a lethal revenant, sworn to serve the Umbra Syndicate in destroying the Moratalis Church. After six long years in cold war, his death looks like a better possibility.

When a mission goes horribly wrong, Corvis finds himself stranded in the middle of the Outlands desert, thousands of miles from home and at the complete mercy of cannibalistic tribes. His only companion is a mysterious woman left for dead amid the wreckage.

She might not remember who she is or how she got there, but one thing's for certain: she remembers how to kill.


By Letitia Coyne

Petra, 120AD Bought from the arena as a young man, Sethos, the adopted son of a wealthy Roman merchant, is stained by the stigma of his past. Jaida and her sisters were raised in luxurious slavery, destined to be the virgin oracles of Isis at provincial temples throughout the Roman Empire. He has money, strength and cunning. She has no more than her faith.


By Letitia Coyne

Caledonia, AD83
Antony is a spy, a Natione -- native Britons conscripted to the Roman auxiliary army.

When she meets him, Eirbrin believes she has found a mystic, a man of power who can help her to overcome the demons of past guilt and shame.

Everything about him should warn Brin of his deception. But he is trapped between an irresistible love and an immovable duty. He must find a way to untangle his web of lies, or return to a life of service, to live or die alone.


By Letitia Coyne

Hispania AD81

Marella is the daughter of a noble Celtiberian family.

Falsely accused by a vile and corrupt Druidic high priest, she is set to be executed.

Marcus is a Roman deserter from Britannia who has made his home in Hispania.

Finding no purpose in the life he leads, bored and frustrated, he relishes the chance to face the challenges that come with saving the life of this young noblewoman.


By Letitia Coyne

AD78 Maia is lonely -- raised in Roman luxury in an isolated villa on the Seine. Lucius is exhausted – the commander of an auxiliary cavalry unit of the Twentieth Legion in Britannia. They both need an escape. They meet when Maia seizes her chance, joining an exclusive group of prostitutes traveling to Britannia. Everything she knows about the world will change - if she can survive the journey.

Above Ground

By AM Harte

The first glimpse of sun may be her last. When Lilith Gray goes above ground for the first time, she hardly expects to stay there — much less be trapped on the surface with no way home.

The Antithesis Book 3: Beta

By Terra Whiteman

The final book in the series.

The Legion of Nothing

By Jim Zoetewey

With his friends, Nick has inherited more than his grandfather's armor and the League's underground headquarters. He's inherited the League's enemies, and unfinished business.


By AM Harte

Set in a world reeling from the discovery of transhumans, MERGE is a series that charts the loves, the betrayals, and the struggle for survival in a world where humans and transhumans are uneasy neighbours.

Freedom Beer

By Greg X Graves

Action hero Hank Rockjaw's latest and possibly greatest threat has arrived: a mysterious competitor who has been reverse engineering Rockjaw Brewery recipes. Will he find his enemy before the assassins find him?


By Letitia Coyne

When war is all you've ever known, the promise of peace is more terrifying than any battle.

The Antithesis Book 3: Alpha

By Terra Whiteman

A storm has swept across The Atrium; one that brings famine, fear and the desperation of survival. Hell has declared war on Heaven.


By M Jones

From the dark, basement speakeasies of 1926 Chicago, to the decadent parties of the Hollywood elite, psychopathic Clara slices her way through various people across America in her quest for fame.

Ventricle, Atrium

By Gabriel Gadfly

Gabriel Gadfly's much anticipated second anthology is a vivid and tender tribute to the life cycle of love -- the sex, the laughter, the pain, the sweetness, the fear, the vacancy.

The Antithesis Book 2: Beta

By Terra Whiteman

The second half of The Antithesis Book 2. The war against the Archaeans has been nothing but a seventy-year stalemate, however all of this is set to change with the arrival of a mysterious Scholar...

Codex Nekromantia

By Greg X Graves

"Shaun of the Dead meets Hitchhiker's Guide." Life, love, necromancy, the fragile human condition when caught between the jaws of a very robust human condition, and wholesale zombie slaughter.

The Antithesis Book 2: Alpha

By Terra Whiteman

The war against the Archaeans has been nothing but a seventy-year stalemate, however all of this is set to change with the arrival of a mysterious Scholar who can serve to sway the battle. But this Scholar has secrets of her own... Secrets that may kill them all.

Bone Fragments

By Gabriel Gadfly

"Don't miss out on this - positively breathtaking." Gabriel Gadfly's debut collection reflects the kaleidoscope of life at war, evoking the colors, sounds and sorrows of those in battle, and those left behind.

The Antithesis

By Terra Whiteman

Heaven and Hell like you've never seen them before. New Jury recruit Alezair Czynri lives in Purgatory and helps enforce the Code between angels and demons. But a storm lays just over the horizon... one that brings with it a war.

Arrr Marks the Spot

By Craig Young

When Rob, the galaxy's most curious and adventurous robot, finds an old map floating in outer space, it kicks off an exciting adventure to to Buccaneer planet to find a pirate's buried treasure!

Intern with the Vampire

By Kit Iwasaki

Human medicine is easy. On her first day at Grace General Hospital, new intern Aline Harman risks vampire infection, demonic possession, and having her heart torn out of her chest... and this from her colleagues.

Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes

By Greg X Graves

The Guide to Moral Living in Examples educates on many common moral conundrums, offering bite-sized advice for nearly every improbable situation.

Hungry For You

By AM Harte

Where there is beauty, there is horror. Where there is love, there are zombies. From zombie swans to the swimming undead, this anthology explores the thin boundary between love and death.

Sendai Calling


Based on Japan's March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Sendai Calling explores the impact of disaster, and the effects it has on those waiting for a fateful call.

Kidney Disease Gave Me Brain Damage


What do bunny tacos, sonic toothbrushes, the AntiChrist and angry gnomes have in common? More than you can imagine, dear reader. More than you can possibly want to imagine.



Kani is just another high school girl. Then her best friend is kidnapped. Forced into space piracy to pay the ransom, all Kani needs is to make one fatal mistake: tell them who she really is. "A thriller exploring betrayal, human struggle, strife and loss."

Xander and the Wind


Xander and the wind did not get along. Every time he had a balloon, it flew away. Every time he had an umbrella, it flipped inside-out. Every time he blew soap bubbles, they got in his eyes. Xander knew he had to learn to get along with the wind... but how?

The Scarlet Lemming


Gare Marx has been a PI for all of five minutes when he discovers he sucks at it. With only hours before his life is ended in multiple horrible ways, he has to dig up the courage to solve the cases, before the cases "solve" him.

The Man With the Improbable Leg


While vacationing in London, Archimedes and Finley the foul-mouthed telekinetic fish find themselves caught up in a strange murder plot that reaches into the upper echelons of social power...

The New Real


Cocaine is for pansies. On his first day at the Controlled Substances Agency, Mack Darvey gets to witness a drug that makes your skin boil. Literally.

The App


Raj is going to escape his humdrum life by making the perfect iPhone app. But with his home life falling apart and his work life in ruins, the unexpected evolution of his pet project may turn out to be less perfect than he'd hoped...

The Vector


Eva thought she could outrun the plagues, but she was wrong. The bio-hackers that ripped the world raw are targeting her hometown of Prague, and this time there may be no escaping.

Fission Chips


Gare Marx has been a PI for all of five minutes when he discovers he sucks at it. With only hours before his life is ended in multiple horrible ways, he has to dig up the courage to solve the cases, before the cases "solve" him.

The Virus Coder's Girl


When Greg Andreev runs into a beautiful temptress named Ilana at the company Christmas party, he's definitely not expecting a forbidden love affair... nor to be dragged into the shady world of corporate espionage.

TorrentBoy: Zombie World!


Wesley is just your average kid at school, but when disaster strikes the sewage treatment plant, Wesley quickly races to the scene and becomes the super-powered TorrentBoy!


By AM Harte