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About Us

1889 Labs is an independent publisher dedicated to producing the best strange fiction conceivable by the human brain. Catering to a specific demographic of men and women between the ages of 3 and 97, we print everything from kids books to serious stories for adults. Our goal is to bring you on an amazing adventure onscreen and off. We hope you’ll take us up on the offer.

Company History

Back in 2006, MCM wrote a little book called The Pig and the Box, mostly for kicks. The story, about a pig with a magic box (and the evils of digital rights management) was featured on sites such as Boing Boing, and quickly surpassed 2 million downloads before making it into print.

From there, the company started to grow. First, it published a dozen titles a year, to great success. But then MCM got tired of writing a book a month, so 1889 Labs expanded its horizons by publishing the works of other authors as well. Today, it boasts a growing roster of "Lab Rats" and a catalogue of titles that illustrate just how amazing speculative fiction can be.

What is "1889" all about anyway?

There are many theories about the origins of "1889 Labs", but the true answer is something much more interesting. We can't give away the secret for another eight and a half years, but suffice to say, if you add up the digits, you're on the right track.

The Lab Rats

MCM — President
The founder of the company, MCM is in charge of balancing creativity and technical issues, and to think of new ways to push the envelope. He's also meant to write stuff occasionally, but it's hard to find time.

Anna Harte — Editor-in-Chief
Every word we publish is reviewed and vetted by Anna. She is in charge of setting the tone and direction for the company, as well as finding new and brilliant talent to guide towards publication.

Terra Whiteman — Editor
Between editing and managing the ULTRA section (an anthology series), Terra has her hands full. If 1889 Labs is all about the bleeding edge, Terra is at the forefront of that, working to discover the freshest faces the internet has to offer.