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June 1, 2011 — 1,018 words

WINNERS! And something’s different…


What could it be? Hmm, let's see... it's not my hair, it's not my shoes... wait! I changed my shirt earlier! Yes! That must be... but no, no that's not it either. What's different...?

Ah, right. The site. Forgot about that.

Welcome to the new-new-new There are many exciting things to explore, but before I get into that, I want to do something exciting: I want to recap the Party Like It's 1889 event!

We had tons of comments across tons of posts all over the place during May, and we met lots of exciting people who may or may not be as insane as we are. Although Anna will claim to have received the most comments, she's only counting the VISIBLE ones, so obviously she's incorrect, and I have in fact won. I believe my prize is a month of horrendous bugfixing, so the joke's on me.

There's some kind of prize thing, too, right? Hmm... I can't put my finger on it. Let's come back to that later, then.

What's new with the site? Well, aside from the multitude of glitches (oh, how I love glitches), we have some fun new features. There's a series page! Yes! And do you know what that's for? Series, dummy!

Starting today, we're hosting two new web fiction series! "Touchstone" from Letitia Coyne and starting next Tuesday, "Gangster" from M Jones! The series will run for a few months, but I've already seen what's coming, and I have to say, HA HA HA SUCKERS YOU HAVE TO WAIT!

That wasn't nice of me. Hmm. I apologize. I need to learn to be kinder to people, like for instance not teasing the identity of the winner of a Kindle but refusing to reveal it for a very long time. That kind of thing is downright scummy, it is. Goodness!

Here's another big change at 1889: we've got us an ezine! The old blog is being upgraded and overseen by the genius Terra Whiteman (of The Antithesis fame), who will be bringing you exciting information from all over the place, and wrap it all up into posts so informative, my brain will explode. No really, it'll explode. Grab a spoon, it'll be awesome.

Everyone say a big happy welcome to Terra. Go on, there's comments. Do it. I'll wait.

Well done. I'm misty, honestly. That was beautiful.

Okay, let me head off some of the more common questions you'll have about what you're seeing here, because I know they're coming:

  • Yes, I know the search function is broken. I'm gettin' there.
  • There are funny characters in posts. I think I have a UTF problem, and the ointment just ain't doin' what it's s'posed to!
  • Certain books, like The Pig and the Box, are not showing up. Most other books are missing metadata, and more importantly, the ability to read them online. I'll get that fixed soon.
  • Blog archives are inaccessible. That may or may not be on purpose...

Now. If you find things that are broken, feel free to tell me in the comments below, but please don't email them to me, because I quite literally have 900 emails in my inbox that I haven't responded to already, and if I get another 900 bug reports, a different part of me will explode, and you'll need a fork for that one.

By the way, if you've sent me an email in the last few weeks and I haven't replied, that's why. I'll get to it soon.

Wait, no, I have to finish prepping Polarity. Okay, you'll have to wait until next month.



Let's look at the magic random number generator, shall we? Who do we see?

In THIRD PLACE, getting an advance ebook copy of the next title we'll publish this month... the winner is Bonnie Sparks!

Now then. In SECOND PLACE, nabbing a VIP ticket, granting them access to advance copies of every ebook we'll publish this year, before anyone else gets ahold of them... the winner is Jaidis Shaw!

Wow, you guys must be really excited. I would be excited too except Anna is reminding me I'm behind on my deadlines, and she has that whip with the barbed wire tip and please make the hurting stop! Please! Ohhhh...

Sorry, I got distracted there.

Finally, the one you've all been waiting for. The big cheese. The head honcho. The... yeah, the winner of the Kindle, really. It's exciting, it's dramatic, it's really quite...

Wait, hold on. Before I go on, I need to thank a few people for making this Party what it is. First of all, Anna, because she thought the idea up, and really, she ran the whole show. She's insane, but she does it well. And speaking of insane, I also want to thank Greg X Graves, who thinks I'm The Man and keeps throwing salmon at my head, but he's otherwise quite wonderful. And also wonderful is Kit Iwasaki, who writes about vampires and mermaids, so she can't be all that bad.

But really, I want to thank YOU. It's been a great month, and I think next month will be better, and the one after that even better... and it's all because of you.

Let me tell you a bit more about how great you are.


Right, sorry, the Kindle.

The winner of the Kindle (and all that other stuff too) is...

Drumroll please.

Louder, dammit, louder!

Okay, that's good. Hold it like that for a few more seconds...


The winner is...

(how do you open this envelope?)


Hold on, this is my water bill. What's going on here? Oh, sorry, wrong envelope.

The winner is...

James R!

Confetti, champagne and hippos falling from the sky! Winners, please send me an email at so I can get you hooked up, and congrats again, and be sure to check out the new site! Woo!

June 1, 2011 — 1,935 words

Roll Call

By Letitia Coyne

A chill rode the breeze that rose with the sun, tearing shreds of fog from their billows across the tarn and tugging them toward the high stone porticos of the fortress.

Freya stretched, yawning, and bunched the furs up closer around her chin as she watched the young soldier’s movements: strong, confident, unashamedly naked. Youth gave him no cause to hide. His skin was perfect gold, unmarked, moving smoothly over clean flat muscle as he gathered his clothes together. The hard training of the past months had polished away any adolescent softness, showing the man he had become, and fitness left him clenched, eager for action.

As a lover he had been exactly as she’d expected. Keen, athletic, persistent. What he’d lacked in finesse, he’d made up with enthusiasm, and the memory brought a small smile as she studied him in the growing light.

Seeing her awake, he smiled, quickly tying and belting his cloak around his hips, intentionally low so his abdominals were shown to their best advantage. He moved to kneel beside her pallet. “Good morning.” He leaned to kiss her. “Are we going down to eat? We’re mobilizing this morning; we need to get to the dining hall.”

“You go.” She stretched again, yawning as she spoke. “I’ll be down shortly, there’s time. I promise you, they won’t go to war without us.”

“But....” He hesitated, looked uncertain, childlike for the first time. “I thought we would team up now.” Petulance and doubt crept over his tongue. “I want you with me. I watched you for so long, I never thought I’d… we’d… you know. Will I see you again?”

She reached for his cheek, stroking a finger down its faultless plains and across his soft, full lips. “This campaign will be long, and cold, and bloody. We’ll be huddled in wet tents, sleeping on rocks, and hacking our way through flesh and blood for months. If the gods are kind and you see me anywhere, chances are it will be a long way off and you, like me, will be fighting to stay alive.” She leaned across to kiss his cheek. “Don’t wait around for me. Live. Live fast and live well, because there’s no way to know if you'll live for very long.”

He stared hard at her, a frown spoiling the smooth brow, and she met the plea in his eyes with calm conviction. At last he stood, snatched up his things, and stalked from the room without a backward glance. Young hearts bend far before they break, or love and lust would cause more carnage than wars.

Cold ached into the scar on her shoulder, stabbing and burning deep inside the joint where the tissues had fused roughly. Rolling over flat, she twisted her spine slowly, letting the cracks and pops ease some of the stiffness from her back. Mornings, cold damp mornings, just weren’t as easy to shrug off as they’d used to be. Sighing away any curses she might have uttered, she swung her feet onto the flagging and pushed back the tangled mess of her hair. It needed cutting.

Behind the stonework of the fireplace was a small washroom, its cistern filled with water heated overnight by the fire. It had cooled as the fire died, and Freya worked the hand pump, drawing water warm enough to bathe into a narrow stone trough. She lowered herself in carefully, lying back so the meager warmth covered her shoulder, and let it work the knots out of gnarled flesh.

Eventually she sat up, pushing hair and water back from her face, then pressed her left hand onto her shoulder as she tried to move her sword arm through its full range of movement. No amount of warmth was going to free the jag and tear or the crunch of cartilage in every rotation. Neither was the liniment she poured into her hand to rub over the scar, but she did it anyway, rubbing until a snarling altercation in the corridor outside dragged her out of her tub.

She slipped into a soft flannel tunic and moved through the door, searching the gloom for the source of the noise. Dragan sat against the stonework, knees drawn up, his head down, resting on crossed arms. He looked up as she approached, and then put his aching head back down into his hands.

“Did someone trip over you?”

He grunted, lifted his face and rubbed his forehead, but gave no answer.

“You look awful. And you smell dead.” Freya almost smiled. All the red from the wine flagon beside him had pooled in his eyes, and his whole forehead flinched as he squinted through the dim light. “You’d better come inside and get cleaned up.”

Slowly he twisted, supporting himself against the wall as he stood, stooped, then forced his cramped back to straighten. At full height he towered over her, seeming to fill the passageway of the ancient citadel. Resting a hand on her shoulder, he limped painfully into the room, cursing the glare, looking for a shaded place to sit.

“By the gods, what did you do last night?” This time Freya did smile. In all the years she’d known him, she had never seen the big man in this state of devastation.

“I don’t remember. I started out at the graduation feast for the new recruits. I thought you were there.” He rubbed at raw eyelids, clearing his vision or smearing away memories.

“Yeah, I was there a while.” She moved back to the washroom, using the privacy first to pull on her soft suede breeches, cinching her belt in tight over the tunic. Then she called, “I’ll see how much more hot water I can draw for you to wash.” Her used bathwater had cooled to tepid and hauling up and down on the pump topped it up to little more than half a tub of barely warmer water, but it had to suffice. She clutched out a handful of salts, throwing them, fizzing, into the water, then thought again and emptied the rest of the pot in as well.

"That water’s none too warm; I’d get into it now if I were you." Kneeling at the fire, she fanned the embers until they caught, then lowered the kettle to the flame. “I’ll go down to your quarters and get you clean clothes. Want me to bring your armor up too? We might as well go down from here.”

He nodded, mumbled unintelligibly and stumbled toward the washroom.

* * * * *

Working down through the rabbit warren of the old citadel Freya passed a few stragglers, but most of the company was at breakfast by now. She crossed the open foyer of the main keep, past the doorways to the vast dormitories, and set off upward again in the second wing, tracing familiar steps to her partner’s rooms.

Inside his quarters, the bedding was unmade, but apart from a few clothes folded on the shelves, there was nothing in the room to mark its occupancy. Moving quickly, she threw his cloak open on the pallet and tossed his clothes -- a jerkin and breeches, his hauberk, cuirass halves, gauntlets and greaves -- into a pile and then checked the washroom.

On the washstand beside the tub stood an empty wine flagon and the remains of a bread and cheese meal. There too, was a small wooden box which she picked up and carried out to the main room, shaking it and listening to the rattle as she did. Gathering up the corners of the cloak and hanging it easily over her good shoulder, Freya carried the sum total of this soldier’s life back to her own rooms.

From the washroom door, swinging her bundle down onto the floor and holding the small box against her side, she said, “If you want to eat, we’ll have to go down there soon.”

“I don’t want to eat.”

She smiled. “You want some tea? It’ll ease the head. And if you’re feeling anything like me, it’ll ease the neck, the shoulders, the hips and the knees.”

He snorted, the laugh a little close to self-pity, and called back, “Yeah. Strong. Lots of sugar.”

* * * * *

Sitting on the balcony palisade, turning his back on the cold beauty of the early morning tarn, Dragan sipped the mug of bitter tea. It needled at his gut, but after a few moments the soothing effect of the opiates seeped though cramped muscles and cooled the hot pain behind his eyes. The only concession he made to the cold was holding the mug up near his face so the steam curled gently under his chin and across his cheek. Bare-chested he sat, the rough cloth of his cloak tied and belted at his hips, broad back proffered as a single defense against the elements.

Freya paused in the shadows. After twelve years of teamwork, her partner’s formidable physical presence could still check her stride. She watched him sitting, silent and still, like part of the stonework on which he balanced, as hard and solid and impervious as rock.

There was nothing in him small or mean: the spirit of the man was what you saw. He was in all things constant. Stable. Firm. Immovable. She smiled; after so many years she had relied on that strength too many times to recall, or chaffed at his stubbornness, or thanked the fickle gods for his patience. He was everything she knew she could not be, and that was good. It served them well. It always had.

He didn’t change, or changed so slowly the small erosions went unnoticed. In a world where nothing lasted, where there was nothing she could hold that would always remain, he was her one sure thing. In this world, he was the only one, the only thing she trusted without question.

His hair too, would have to be cut. It fell forward like a wreath of rusted wheat that knotted around his ears and bunched into ringlets on his shoulders. When they’d first met it was long, hanging halfway down his back in a thick, sun-bleached swathe over dense auburn curls. It had been the first thing she noticed, the beautiful hair. Then the shoulders. Then the butt; wrapped in black leather with easily twenty pounds of studs and buckles. Unnecessary weight in battle. Even now she smiled at the vanity. Back then it didn’t seem to matter as long as it looked good.

Shaking her head at small regrets, she silently wished for days like those days again. Days when her knees did not crack when she bent and her joints moved without complaint. Her hair had been longer then, too, and the poppy tea she sipped as she walked didn’t wreak such havoc on her gut.

“You need a haircut.” She threw a sheepskin onto the bench and sitting, adjusted it up behind her shoulder, her own small concession to the cold of the stone. He didn’t answer, didn’t even open his eyes, so she continued. “Are you going to tell me why you’re sitting here like a shipwreck, sipping dope instead of eating at the mess and getting ready for Roll Call?”

He lowered his mug to between his knees, raised his face enough to look at her straight and said, "I’m not going."

May 29, 2011 — 461 words

It’s Zombie Christmas!

By A.M. Harte

That's right. Zombies celebrate Christmas in May!

Or maybe it's just this week's winners for my Party Like It's 1889 giveaway. Could be either option.

Now, I KNOW you're raring to find out who wins the Kindle and other goodies... but that announcement isn't coming till June 1. So to tide you over in the meantime, here be a round-up of some more winners!

Hungry For You Let's start with the great book bloggers who hosted me this week and ran Hungry For You giveaways.

The winner from Juniper Grove is James!

And the winner from Two Ends of the Pen is Jenni!

You'll be contacted shortly about how to get ahold of your prizes. Yay!

Thanks to all others who commented on the two guest posts -- I've added your name to our magic list from which the Kindle winner will be drawn!

Moar winners!

I hold in my hands the last $10 Amazon voucher and 1889 Labs paperback prizes. Well, not literally, because that would mean I am somehow typing with my teeth. And even someone amazing like me can't do that.

First of all, you'll be happy to know that I'm a winner! That's right. Yours truly, Anna 'Mistress-of-all' Harte, has won the in-house comment-off we held throughout this month. (Kit, I TOLD you zombies kick vampire ass!) So thank you everyone for supporting the undead!

Now, let me grab that over-abused random number generator to pick two lucky commentors....

(Sheesh, this thing is as old school as a TI-82. You'd think 1889 Labs could afford a fancier version!)

Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling!

The winner of this week's $10 Amazon voucher is Pavarti Devi!

And the winner of this week's 1889 paperback of his choice is mcchots!

Please drop MCM a line at and he'll get your prizes off to you ASAP.

That's it for now -- thanks all for playing along! In the next day, we'll post a final recap of the Party Like It's 1889 month-long craziness, and give you all a final chance to enter into the Kindle giveaway! See you then.

because it is!Remember, all your entries to any week's giveaway also count as entries to the Kindle grand prize giveaway. Check out this post for more details.

May 28, 2011 — 385 words

28 Days Later

By A.M. Harte

This was the last week of Party Like It's 1889 -- only a few more days until the Kindle winner is announced.

Hungry For YouThis week has seen us partying with the zombies. You've had guest posts, giveaways, discussions on the mechanics of zombie-swimming, and even advice on how to survive the apocalypse.

Not to mention, this week we at 1889 Labs revealed the most ground-breaking scientific discovery since the atom!

Miss out on any of the fun? Here's a handy recap:

Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a $10 Amazon voucher and an 1889 Labs paperback — so get your entries in before midnight tonight!

1. Go to the intro post and tell me whether you think zombies can swim for an instant entry into the giveaway.

2. Comment on my guest posts on Juniper Grove and my interview on Two Ends of the Pen for even more chances to win!

3. Comment on our thrilling news article revealing the shocking truth behind vampires.

4. Run over to my The facebook page and admit it: You, too are a zombie!

5. Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #1889party and get your friends involved!

6. For TEN extra entries, post a photo on the 1889 Labs Facebook wall of you, your cat, or whatever/whoever you want, reading an 1889 book (either print or ebook).

The giveaway closes TODAY, Saturday May 28, at 11:59 EDT, with winners announced tomorrow.

because it is!Remember, all your entries to this week’s giveaway also count as entries to the Kindle grand prize giveaway. Check out this post for more details.

May 26, 2011 — 643 words

Are YOU ready for the end of the world?

By A.M. Harte

The apocalypse may or may not be coming soon -- make sure you are prepared!

Now, I'm sure you've already got your safe house, food supplies, greenhouses and weapons ready, but have you given any thought to entertainment?

Having the right entertainment is a key part of surviving an apocalypse. If there's nothing to do in your safe house, you'll eventually get bored out of your skull, go outside, and WHAM! Hello, zombies.

Now I'm NOT going to let that happen to you. So that's why this week I'm giving away a bunch of entertainment-friendly prizes like ebooks, a paperback, Amazon voucher, Kindle, and more!

1. Be prepared!

Hungry For You First things first: the key to surviving the apocalypse is to be prepared. For that reason, I'm offering a 50% discount on my trusty zombie guide Hungry For You, which tells you everything you never knew about zombies, including an overview of the different types!

To take advantage of this offer, go to Smashwords and use coupon code ND25A before midnight on Saturday.

(Unless you don't want to survive the apocalypse, that is.)

2. Stay positive!

The second most important part to survival is to be optimistic and have hope. But what if the worst happens and you get bitten?

Positivity is key! That's why I recommend you start loving zombies. If you love zombies, when you turn into one it won't be so depressing!

Not sure where to begin? This week I've written two guest posts on how I went from zombie-hater to a zombie-dater.

Over on Two Ends of the Pen is 10 Things I Hate About Zombies, outlining how Hungry For You began; and on Juniper Grove is a encouraging guest post called To Fellow Zombie Haters, about why you should love zombies, too.

On top of learning to love zombies, each post is running an ebook giveaway. When else has preparing for the apocalypse been a win-win?!

3. Stay informed!

If you want to go the extra mile, remember to stick around this week and Party Like It's 1889.

Not only will you learn to love zombies, and therefore be less depressed if you become one. You'll also have more chances of winning our Kindle grand prize... meaning hours of entertainment for your safe house. So while other people get bored and go outside (and die), you'll stay inside and be safe!

Confused? Here's a recap!

Surviving the apocalypse in 4 easy steps:*

  1. - Get 50% off Hungry For You through Smashwords using coupon code ND25A;
  2. - Leave a comment on Juniper Grove;
  3. - Leave a comment on Two Ends of the Pen;
  4. - Love zombies!

*actions may or may not help you survive the apocalypse.

because it is!I'm giving away a $10 Amazon voucher & a 1889 paperback this week (open worldwide)! Enter to win by commenting below & on the posts linked above. Each comment also counts as an entry to the Kindle giveaway! More details and ways to win available here.

May 24, 2011 — 530 words

SHOCK! Vampires revealed as cowardly zombies

By A.M. Harte

LONDON - Police investigators have today found irrefutable evidence that vampires are simply zombies in disguise. The investigation, which was prompted by an anonymous tip, revealed that a vampire's good looks and immortality are due to advances in transhuman medicine and not to vampire infection as previously believed.

The Camden Road Police Station received the anonymous tip a week ago, when officers were called to St Pancras Hospital after a 109-year-old vampire with symptoms of decay was admitted.

The vampire, Ed Masen, was visiting girlfriend Isabel Crowe for a long weekend when his finger fell off during an intimate moment.

"It took me by complete surprise," said Crowe during an exclusive interview with 9881 News, adding, "I loved him, but now that he's begun to decay I just don't feel the same way anymore."

Masen had previously spent two weeks in Transylvania, where detectives have uncovered a thriving black market for vampirification -- a combination of plastic surgery, botox and illegal pharmaceuticals which reprogram a zombie's 'time' gene into indefinitely preserving the body.

"It's a very popular surgery," confirmed a practitioner in Alba Iulia, ex-capital of the Transylvanian region. "Everyone is afraid of dying, and zombies are no different. Vampirification in fact betters their quality of life, helping them to maintain their mental and emotional faculties." But Masen's surgery was botched by an inexperienced doctor.

Millions of disappointed teenage vampire fans have taken to the streets today, burning tomes of vampire literature in protest. Camden's streets are already littered with ash, all that remains of thousands of copies of latest vampire hit Twine Light after doctors pinpointed the cause of the infamous 'vampiric sparkle' as a side-effect of full-body plastic surgery.

"I feel betrayed," admitted Crowe, her own copy of Twine Light discarded at her feet. "All this time I thought he loved me, but really he was just a coward, just another monster hungry for my flesh." Retrospectively, Crowe admits that the "signs were all there", but she didn't want to face them.

But the revelation has not been a complete surprise to all, with some bystanders watching the proceedings with thinly veiled amusement. "We've known all along," said Scotland Yard rather smugly. When asked why they'd allowed an entire generation to be misled by literature, they refused to comment.

Ed Mason was available for interview, but only groaned repeatedly in reply to our questions.

Police have urged all depressed teenagers to call the Vampire Recovery helpline, a support group which has published best-selling self-help guides such as Hungry For You.

because it is!I’ve got a $10 Amazon voucher & a paperback to give away! Enter to win by commenting below. Each comment also counts as an entry to the grand prize giveaway for a Kindle, VIP tickets, etc! More details and ways to win available here.

May 23, 2011 — 591 words

The End is Nigh! Let’s Party To Death!

By A.M. Harte

Romance is DEAD! No, really. Like zombie-dead, but in a good way.

So you've frolicked with space pirates. You've taken classes from bears. You've fraternised with vampires.

But THIS week -- the last week of our month-long party -- you're going to get down and dirty with some zombies.

That's right. Party Like It’s 1889's last author is yours truly, A.M. Harte, also known as Anna 'Mistress-of-all' Harte.

And you're going to help me show the other authors what a real party looks like.

To kick things off, let's start with a 50% discount!

Hungry For YouFeeling hungry? Grab yourself a bite of these delicious zombie tales. They're tender, they're spunky, they're tragically funny and morbidly fascinating.

And best of all, some rogue zombie has taken a huge bite out of the $1.99 price! Shuffle over to Smashwords before Sunday May 29 and use coupon code ND25A to get your zombie fix for only $0.99! Impossible to resist!

STILL not convinced?

I'm far from done.

Up for grabs this week is a paperback of your choosing from the 1889 Labs library, not to mention a $10 Amazon voucher to spend on absolutely anything! Yes, even socks! #zombieslovesocks

The giveaway is open worldwide and winners will be chosen using a random number generator which will pull from all the comments my posts receive this week. The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win, so get your fingers ready!

Get Bitten By Zombies Prizes!

For a chance to win the Amazon voucher or paperback, take a bite from as many victims below as possible!

1. Leave a comment on this very post right now telling me whether you think zombies can swim, and why.

2. Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #1889party and get your friends involved!

3. Post "I, too, am a zombie" on my Facebook page!

4. Check out this week's recap to get extra entries into this week's giveaway!

5. For TEN extra entries, post a photo on the 1889 Labs facebook wall of you, your cat, or whatever/whoever you want, reading Hungry For You (either print or ebook).

Couldn't be easier! The contest closes Saturday May 28 at 11:59 EDT, with winners announced on Sunday.

Remember! Every comment you leave this week is also an entry into the grand prize giveaway for a Kindle, VIP tickets & more! #woohoo

because it is!This week's your LAST chance to enter the grand prize giveaway! Up for grabs are a Kindle, VIP tickets (10+ free advance ebooks!), & an ARC of our next upcoming release! What are you waiting for? More details here.

May 22, 2011 — 510 words

Collect Your Prescription (And Prizes!)

By Kit Iwasaki

Only one more week of Party Like It's 1889 left. Only TEN more days till we announce the Kindle prize winner.

So let's whet your appetite for winning with the results of this week's giveaway!

Let's start with the great book bloggers who hosted me this week and gave away a copy of Intern With The Vampire!

The winner from What Book Is That? is Victoria Zumbrum!

And the winner from Two Ends of the Pen is Deb Peterson!

Your ebook prizes are waiting for you in your inboxes. Woohoo!

Left a comment on those sites but didn't win? Never fear, your comments count toward the Kindle grand prize.

But wait, there are more winners!

The savvy among you know there's a $10 Amazon voucher and an 1889 Labs paperback up for grabs.

Well, not for grabs literally, because that would probably result in a lot of injuries and fighting and -- is that blood on your lip? You should clean that up. There are vampires nearby.

To distract the vampires from the blood, let's talk about next week (the LAST party week!) when fellow author A.M. Harte will yank back the reins in her usual dictator-ish style. She'll be talking about her zombie love anthology Hungry For You, and totally thinks she will win our little comment-off.

I told her there's no way she'd win. I mean, vampires are WAY sexier than zombies. She only smirked and said she has proof of something that will drag vampiric reputation through the mud, but I'm not worried. Nope. Not at all. But to be safe, DON'T stop by next week at all. (Unless you're desperate for that Kindle.)

Okay, I'll stop rambling

I snatched the random number generator out of MCM's hands and got to work compiling all this week's entries.


The winner of this week's $10 Amazon voucher is Fran Coleman!

The winner of this week's 1889 paperback of his choice is Hazel O'Shea!

If you two can drop MCM a line at, he'll get your prizes off to you ASAP 'cause he's a good little slave that way.

That's it for now! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for instructions on how to enter our last mini week giveaway before the Kindle grand prize announcement on June 1!

because it is!Remember, all your entries to any week's giveaway also count as entries to the Kindle grand prize giveaway. Check out this post for more details.

May 21, 2011 — 387 words

Three Weeks Later

By Kit Iwasaki

Only one more week of Party Like It's 1889 left.

Clearly my week has been the best so far.

You've had interviews, guest posts, giveaways, a sneak peek at my next book, and even something no other author offered -- a short story!

Not to mention all the free medical advice I've been giving out. Let's face it: MCM and Greg X Graves didn't stand a chance.

In case you missed out on any of this week's awesome, here's a recap:

This Week’s Prescription

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for a $10 Amazon voucher and an 1889 Labs paperback — so get your entries in before midnight tonight!

1. Go to the intro post and tell us what type of transhuman you’d choose to be for an instant entry into the giveaway.

2. Comment on my gues posts on What Book Is That? and my interview on Two Ends of the Pen for even more chances to win!

3. Check out the Slash and Burn teasers, and tell me how annoying my cliffhangers are.

4. Comment on my first ever Vampire General short story, The Simple Truth!

5. Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #1889party and get your friends involved!

6. For TEN extra entries, post a photo on the 1889 Labs Facebook wall of you, your cat, or whatever/whoever you want, reading an 1889 book (either print or ebook).

The giveaway closes TODAY, Saturday May 21, at 11:59 EDT, with winners announced tomorrow.

because it is!Remember, all your entries to this week’s giveaway also count as entries to the Kindle grand prize giveaway. Check out this post for more details.

May 20, 2011 — 407 words

The Return of Vampire General

By Kit Iwasaki

In about a month, the second book of Vampire General will be published.

It's called Slash and Burn and it will pick up where Intern With The Vampire left off.

What's Vampire General, you ask? Where have you been this week?!

Vampire General is my debut series. It's Gray's Anatomy with a paranormal twist. Think hospitals. Think vampires. Think medical drama and dramatic medicine. Think True Blood meets Scrubs.

Actually, enough with the thinking. Go grab Intern With The Vampire in the series from Smashwords. I'll even give you a 50% off coupon (expires tomorrow!): YE35S.

Run along. I'll wait here.

Okay, got it? Good.

So now that you're properly angry with me for that nail-biting cliff-hanger at the end of Intern With The Vampire, here's a couple teasers of what's to come in Slash and Burn:

1. Tournament Prospects Ruined
The latest admittance in Vampire General is a tournament-hopeful who's now on death's door. Sources say his cousin is "deeply concerned" by the injury.

2. Unrequited Love Rears Its Head!
What's medical drama without a love triangle to keep things confusing? And is unrequited love strong enough to tear a friendship apart?

3. Blast From The Past
Aline is contacted by someone she never expected to hear from again, and is forced to confront the life she's left behind.

4. A Furry Little Problem
Waxing won't solve this patient's problem, but without a cure, more than one life is at stake.

5. Burn, Baby, Burn
Physical burns take a long time to heal, but there are also other ways to burn: from shame, from embarrassment, and most of all from jealousy....

Nope, I'm not going to give you any more details. You'll have to wait till June to find out what happens next!

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